Feeding Canada

DEPOPULATING for PROFIT Covid culling is increasing worldwide, and some of it … is purely for profit. Pigs and chickens are being slaughtered and buried in mass graves or chopped up for animal feed or fertilizer because farmers can’t afford…..

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WCA RAS IMTAquaponics

We’ve Got the Whole World

Wild Salmon Cove | February 14, 2020

Underestimating progress and today’s importance of protecting our ocean environment would be a grave mistake. Most experts in the fisheries and seafood industry still don’t realize the Canadian federal government made a preemptive decision thirty years ago when they first started…..

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Open-Net Pen Fish Farming Reinvented

Wild Salmon Cove | February 12, 2020

Wild BC salmon stocks are in a free fall towards decline. If we, as a society don’t do something immediately, as in today, salmon species in British Columbia will all move dangerously close to becoming extinct. Northern creep of warmer…..

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Wild Salmon Goes Inland

Wild Salmon Cove | February 6, 2020

Written by Maurice Cardinal  … Open-Net Fish Farms Mandated Out of Canadian Oceans will start to move to closed containment or land-based by 2025 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced September 2019, that open-net fish farms in Canada’s oceans will be…..

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Fishers Need MORE Access to Salmon

Wild Salmon Cove | June 6, 2014

Most fishers and smaller processors are hard working, trustworthy people. Part 4 in this 4 part series – BC Fishers Made Scapegoats They are also, for the most part, friendly. Fishers have a lot in common with farmers who have…..

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Salmon Levies Grew the Industry

Wild Salmon Cove | June 6, 2014

Part 3 in this 4 part series – BC Fishers Made Scapegoats In BC, all salmon fishers are required by the provincial government to pay a levy for each pound of fish they capture and deliver to processors big and…..

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Tall Tails

BC Fishers Struggling

Wild Salmon Cove | June 6, 2014

Pawns in an Ocean of Kings Part 1 in this 4 part series –  Some of the hardest working people in Canada, BC salmon fishers, are struggling more than ever. The future is challenging for all sectors. BC’s independent commercial…..

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Get Your PINK On!

Wild Salmon Cove | August 27, 2013

Get Your PINK On! The 2013 Pink Salmon Festival was held in Vancouver/Kits at Hadden Park overlooking English Bay on the Pacific Ocean. A good time and great food was had by all on a very pleasant sunny day, but…..

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Canned Salmon Not Sustainable

Wild Salmon Cove | June 19, 2013

If we continue to commercially can wild salmon at current rates Pacific salmon will soon go the way of the Atlantic cod, beaver, and buffalo. I’ve eaten canned salmon since I was a kid, and still do and love it,…..

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A Salmon by Any Other Name

Wild Salmon Cove | May 10, 2013

Wild Salmon  It’s good for your skin, your heart, and your libido. It tastes great and looks good on the plate too. Omega-3 is the magic elixir that puts wild salmon in the superfood category. Its incredible taste is the…..

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