Get Your PINK On!

Get Your PINK On!

The 2013 Pink Salmon Festival was held in Vancouver/Kits at Hadden Park overlooking English Bay on the Pacific Ocean.

A good time and great food was had by all on a very pleasant sunny day, but unfortunately attendance was considerably shy of what promoters, the Pacific Salmon Foundation, expected and had planned.

British Columbia has been promoting PINK salmon for a number of years in an effort to take pressure off wild BC sockeye, which are experiencing serious decline in many BC rivers, including the Fraser and Skeena.

A push has been on for a number of years to help the public become familiar with PINK salmon, and to encourage them to choose it more often at grocers and restaurants.

Pink are a little drier than sockeye, and they have a more delicate taste. Cooking it is similar to other types of salmon, but it can be a little tricky and easily overcooked because it doesn’t contain as much oil.

A number of expert chefs like Robert Clark were on hand to BBQ the PINKS, and show everyone how to get the best results from this fabulous fish. BTW, Rob is getting ready to open his new retail outlet,

Canfisco, more recognizable as, supplied about 1,600 pounds of PINKS, but because of the lower than expected turnout, about 650 pounds were donated the next day to the Union Gospel Mission to feed the homeless.

When you consider top chefs were serving up incredible PINK PLATES and the cost was BY DONATION! it’s surprising more people didn’t attend.

Seafood industry leaders really need to take a close look at their promotion strategies and also their PR reputations to figure out what they are doing wrong. promoters knocked it out of the park, and it’s definitely not the food … so what’s the problem?

All in all, it was a fun family time for everyone who showed up.

Think PINK!