Negotiating Seafood with CHINA

All these new business plans we’re developing, will, at best, be temporarily temporary …

As pandemic fears subside, we’ll fall into a new normal that won’t be familiar, or pretty.

Consumerism will never be the same anywhere in the world, and neither will manufacturing.

In the western world, buying power is already taking a hit because not only do many consumers have less disposable income, they’re also wondering about the second wave. Anti-lockdown activists, who seem to include a lot of Trump supporters, could turn out to be archetypal canaries.

The pandemic has helped us all more clearly see the strengths and failings in local and global civil infrastructure. And although it’s assuring to see most of the world working in vintage Coca Cola harmony, whistleblowers are also attracting considerable attention. China and the USA are bluff-and-blustering accusations and posturing in a way the world hasn’t seen for decades. Racism towards China is growing and becoming violent on the street. People are directing their rage at individual Asians, who to the attackers all look Chinese, even though they might be from South Korea, or maybe First Nations, or even next door.

Sometimes racists become victims.

Racism is blind to reason.

Instead of attacking random individuals, as a collective, society would benefit more by directing energy towards the Communist Party of China.

Rational people don’t support racism or oppression.

Leave race out of the equation and instead explore and identify differences in culture and core political beliefs. To denounce communism is not racist. It’s a political statement that supports democracy and freedom.

Focus on the tangibles we know. For example, the Communist Party of China covered up and took too long to warn the world of an impending pandemic. Consequently, for the CPC at this late date to contribute $2 billion to WHO, smacks of political interference. Many feel it’s not only meant to influence WHO, but also embarrass U.S. President Donald Trump who recently withdrew funding to the World Health Organization.

The world has known for a long time that the CPC acts inhumanely, but until Covid-19, average citizens didn’t have personal reason to fuel the vitriol we see today. Hate crimes are relatively rare in Canada compared to the U.S., but empty bank accounts and dying seniors have ignited outrage. Fortunately, a long history of multiculturalism has helped us become more understanding and tolerant. It is surprising however to hear racist rants about Chinese people from Canadian celebrity, Bryan Adams.

Reporters have become the collateral target.

Protestors are now protesting mainstream news media journalists who show up to cover protesters protesting covid issues … watch this vid

It sounds convoluted and even a little funny,  but when this type of HATE was directed at mainstream news reporters in the ramp up to the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, average and dangerously misinformed run-of-the-mill weekend activists physically attacked reporters at rallies. Journalists from large news companies were thrown to the ground and had cameras and microphones pushed into their faces. Some were sucker-punched or tripped. It was frightening. Reporters immediately retreated. Not surprisingly, attacks against journalists weren’t reported except by a few fanatical social media sites that have since disappeared.

The irony was lost on most at the time that the original role of mainstream news media is to serve democracy and report in a NON biased manner. Even ten years ago informed people knew the challenge, and today, as a result of Trump’s self-serving media RANTS, more people are finally starting to realize that news media companies are inherently biased. What Trump hasn’t said yet though, is that bias is OK and absolutely acceptable as long as it is disclosed and recognized by all parties.

Covid-19 thrust media bias into the light.

Those who only look at the short game rarely realize that barring or censoring reporters undermines democracy. The remedy is to educate society so we can intelligently question news reports, whether from mainstream or social media.

As the 2020 pandemic wears on, it becomes more apparent that correct information delivered calmly and assertively through trustworthy spokespeople is the key to turning fear and chaos into order.

Education is critical any time we have to change how we think, and will be just as important regarding transitioning from open-net pen salmon farms in the ocean to land-based RAS IMTA facilities. Their resistance to understanding is partially because it’s impossible to get buy-in from someone when they feel threatened and don’t have enough information to see the benefits. The only thing salmon farmers can see today is their livelihood being taken away.

The onus is on the party enacting change to explain and justify their position.  

Climate impact notwithstanding, the shifting loyalties of seafood suppliers and buyers is also forcing change. The companies that bought seafood from us yesterday, won’t be buying it from us tomorrow for a number of political and business reasons – covid being only one.

United States is on the cusp of producing enough farmed salmon in their brand new LAND-BASED facilities like Atlantic Sapphire and Whole Oceans that will easily supply their country, and then some. When it happens, which could start as soon as this year, Canadian farmed salmon will disappear from American tables.

Experts report it’s the right time to start a new seafood business!

Plan today for eventualities tomorrow.

Let me know if you have ideas and need help

Maurice Cardinal has been a fisheries marketing and communications advisor and writer in British Columbia for almost a decade and has worked with leading organisations, NGOs, and governments in Canada and abroad.