Transparency & Corruption 2020

Part 3 of a 4 part series … Read Part 1 … Part 2 Our new normal, VALUES TRANSPARENCY and eschews CORRUPTION … right? Hmm, not so fast … Canadian fisheries are currently struggling under more than ONE murky controversy. Allegations of corruption…..

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Canned Salmon Not Sustainable

Wild Salmon Cove | June 19, 2013

If we continue to commercially can wild salmon at current rates Pacific salmon will soon go the way of the Atlantic cod, beaver, and buffalo. I’ve eaten canned salmon since I was a kid, and still do and love it,…..

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A Salmon by Any Other Name

Wild Salmon Cove | May 10, 2013

Wild Salmon  It’s good for your skin, your heart, and your libido. It tastes great and looks good on the plate too. Omega-3 is the magic elixir that puts wild salmon in the superfood category. Its incredible taste is the…..

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